Monday, April 8, 2013


I love the ocean.

The sound of the waves rushing so faithfully onto land, the constancy, the way the sunlight shifts on the sand, the way the water changes from green to blue to gray, blue holes in a cloudy gray sky, sandpipers rushing up the beach, gulls braced against the wind, pelicans diving into the water.

We have walked on the beach most days. The first week I was literally in recovery mode, so very tired from the events of this young year. Cliff kept asking me what I wanted to accomplish while we were here and I kept saying nothing. I don't have a plan. My goal, the thing I have needed most, is simply rest.

I have written a few blog posts, read bits and pieces of books, worked on a few poems, but the luxury of nothing necessary has been heavenly. I love the ocean.

The remains from someone's wedding

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  1. Beautiful photos, Doraine, & it sounds like a beautiful time. I'm glad for you!