Friday, October 17, 2014

Georgia Project Wet

Michelle hosts the Poetry Friday Roundup today at My Little Ditty.

Flat Rock Park, Columbus, Georgia.  (Photo by Dr. Dorothy Jelagat Cheruiyot)

I walked into the library this week to pick up some easy readers for a project. At the back of the room, a display wall had been set up. I wandered over and discovered some wonderful artwork and poetry by Georgia students.

Each year the Georgia EPA sponsors a program for teachers and students in the state, Georgia River of Words: Connecting Kids to their Watershed. The website says, "The River of Words Project is designed to help youth explore the natural and cultural history of the place they live. After studying a watershed in their own environment, students express, through poetry and art what they discover." See the exhibit here.

One very creative student started her poem called "Fish" with these words: I dreamed/ I was a fern/

The national grand prize winner was a third grade student from Atlanta who wrote a beautiful haiku called "Dawn."

One of my favorites was "Tumble Down," in which the writer managed to describe her love/hate relationship to poetry with the image of falling water. She begins, " I'm the one who is writing this poem..."  In the stanza on stanzas, she says, "...they rush down like a waterfall,/ Like water droplets,/ My words fall like rain,/ Couplets gathering in a puddle below"

Such a great project. I hope you'll take a moment at the website. Especially if you're a teacher and haven't seen the project before.


  1. What a treasure trove of creativity! I just glanced at a few for now, but will most definitely come back to read more. The artwork is wonderful as well.

  2. Dori, what a serendipitous find! I had a look at the exhibit. The poem you quote in part, "Tumble Down" -- what a relatable piece., so honest. Glad the poet was a National Finalist. Maybe she'll realize her words aren't as shallow as a rainless pond after all.

  3. I have entered students in the National River of Words contest. I had a top 100 winner a few years ago. This is a wonderful project. I wish our state had a statewide contest. I'd love to hear more about how they created one and who sponsors it. Can you put me in contact with the person in charge? I currently coordinate a state writing contest so this may be a natural segue for me. My email is margaretsmn at gmail.

  4. I was a Project WILD/WET teacher of teachers once upon a different lifetime ago! This poetry contest sounds like a natural (ha--punny me!) extension of the other activities in the programs.

  5. I love stumbling upon unexpected treasures like this. So cool! Thanks for sharing. =)