Friday, October 31, 2014


I'm feeling like a little silliness today. Something to lighten the darkness of the week and make us smile. Enjoy!

The ever-so-lovely Linda Baie hosts the round up today at TeacherDance.
Hopscotch to Oblivion by Andy Wright, Sheffield, UK

The Termite 
by Ogden Nash

Some primal termite knocked on wood
   And tasted it, and found it good,
And that is why your Cousin May
   Fell through the parlor floor today.

The Ceiling
by Theodore Roethke

Suppose the Ceiling went Outside
And then caught Col and Up and Died?
The only Thing we'd have for Proof
That he was Gone, would be the Roof;
I think it would be Most Revealing
To find out how the Ceiling's Feeling.

And one for Halloween:

Knitted Things
by Karla Kuskin

There was a witch who knitted things:
Elephants and playground swings.
She knitted rain,
She knitted night,
But nothing really came out right.
The elephants had just one tusk
And night looked more
Like dawn or dusk.
The rain was snow
And when she tried
To knit an egg
It came out fried.
She knitted birds
With buttonholes
And twenty rubber butter rolls.
She knitted blue angora trees.
She purl stitched countless purple fleas.
She knitted a palace in need of a darn.
She knitted a battle and ran out of yarn.
She drew out a strand
Of her gleaming, green hair
And knitted a lawn
Till she just wasn't there.


  1. Love, love, love The Termite. Ogden Nash is one of my all time favorites. Thanks for the smile, Doraine! Happy Halloween! =)

  2. They're all just fun, Doraine, makes one wish to have a little bit of that word magic inside! Karla Kuskin is a favorite poet, & I've seen this before, but had forgotten it. Isn't it just the best ending! Happy Halloween!

  3. I LOVED all three of these! Thanks for sharing them!