Friday, August 14, 2015

A Frog Poem

The frogs are still singing. Still hot around here for a while longer.

The Frog
by Hillaire Belloc

Be kind and tender to the Frog,
And do not call him names,
As "Slimy-skin," or "Polly-wog,"
or likewise, "Uncle James,"

Or "Gape-a-grin,' or Toad-gone-wrong,"
or "Billy Bandy-knees":
The frog is justly sensitive
To epithets like these.

No animal will more repay
A treatment kind and fair,
At least so lonely people say
Who keep a Frog (and, by the way,
They are extremely rare).

Heidi hosts Poetry Friday at my juicy little universe.


  1. Dori,
    I love this selection. It goes quite well with the frog poem I've posted today. Hope your frogs sing sweetly.

  2. Ha! Excellent, and I like the little extra line in the last stanza! Glad you can still hear that summer sounds where you are (and nice haircut!)

  3. I love all the names for the frog. Fun!

  4. "Toad-gone-wrong" would really rub a frog the wrong way, wouldn't it?! Sweet poem, Dori.

  5. Dori, this poem you chose is such a fun one. I think the 3rd grade teachers will love this one when they engage in their frog unit.

  6. "Gape-a-grin" too funny, though the frog doesn't think so. Thanks for sharing. =)

  7. What a delightful poem, Dori! Personally, though, I quite like "Uncle James."

  8. Thanks for sharing this poem, Dori. We just visited the Frank Lloyd Wright house Fallingwater. The poem reminds me of the three resident frogs who live in the stones near the home's pool. All three were out the day we visited. They chose a beautiful home!

  9. A little late to the frog party, but the loud nighttime revelry continues here at the coast, too - especially after all these storms. Just last night, Jeff pointed out a little fella (or gal?) hanging out just outside our back door, which they seem to like.