Thursday, August 11, 2016

Broken Cisterns

Spiritual Journey Thursday

from "Passing Ordinary Time"

This ordinary time is
gifted in its quiet, marked passing
Christ slips about
calling and baptizing,
sending and affirming,
pouring his Spirit like water
into broken cisterns,
sealing cracks and filtering our senses,
that we may savor the foolish
simplicity of his grace.

Discovered in Sarah Arthur's At the Still Point published by Paraclete Press.

For writers, an excerpt from Enuma's article at Duke University's Faith and Leadership Blog, "For the love of God, Write."

I have also learned the importance of prayer. Wordsmithing is in itself a form of centering of breath, mind and prayer. Yet I speak particularly of the asking, seeking, knocking kind of prayer that beseeches God to reveal God’s self and God’s purposes for you as God’s child and for you as a writer and as one more fellow pilgrim in a broken community that groans for redemption.

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