Friday, August 26, 2016

One Last Summer Swap

I have enjoyed our summer swap poems so much. Thanks to Tabatha Yeatts for coordinating the swaps even as she dodged flooding waves this summer. 

Our Poetry Friday host this week is Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe.

Yes, I've piddled and procrastinated on every poetry swap, but still I managed to get three poems and gifts out to such excellent poetry friends. And every gift in return has brought me such pleasure. I've read this last one from the always gracious Linda Baie multiple times and I smile every time I read it.

Tucked inside this lovely marigold card I found Linda musing on this odd online relationship we all share.

A Q and A For an Online Friend

What do you write in a poem
of someone known only online?
Ive read all her posts and her Facebook,
and learned she has interests like mine.

How will I create a true picture 
of someone whose posts fill with style?
I'll dab words with brushstrokes of color 
and hope I have captured her smile.

Who is this person named Doraine
the one choosing new steps to learn?
She's now a bold teacher of yoga
shows moves of which many will yearn.

Why do I take on this challenge:
to show here is someone to meet?
Because I love writing of people 
I wish who lived close, down the street!

How does she manage to carry 
to family and friends her concern?
It looks like she loves every person,
and hugs them right back in return.

Where have I written for Dori,
found words for a pleasing vignette?
In a poem of questions and answers
to celebrate her for the net.

© 2016 Linda Baie, All Rights Reserved

Wouldn't you love to live down the street from Linda?! 

Next in my package was collage she created from photos on the web and a second poem to go with them and an enclosed book, entitled WHAT THE ROAD PASSES BY.

What The Road Passes By

an anniversary for two,
A reading rainbow calls to you,
a crocodile--afar to view,
a lake, a sunset, travels true.
Passing by--adventures new. 

© 2016 Linda Baie, All Rights Reserved

A few favorite quotes from the book:


  1. That Linda! So lovely and gracious and I GET TO MEET HER IN PERSON IN HONESDALE NEXT MONTH! Can't wait. :0) Love the selections you shared too, Doraine. So grateful to have met YOU in person a few lucky moons ago...

  2. Last weekend I was able to meet Keri Lewis face to face. It's like we were old friends immediately. That's what this great community does for us all. We look forward to giving as much as receiving the poetry gifts.

  3. Thanks for sharing, and that you enjoyed my gifts, Dori. It was a lot of fun gathering words and gifts for you.

  4. Yes, it would be great to meet you both in person! Thanks for sharing Linda's poem and excerpts from the book. Wonderful!

  5. I so enjoy these. It's like being at a shower and watching the celebrated guest open her gifts!

  6. Summer Swap was especially fun this year, wasn't it?!?

  7. Dori, you captured the essence of Linda in your post: pure love for all, contagious passion, and a knack for creating positive moments. The Poem Swap you received from her is filled with many special items. The quotes are memorable.

  8. Absolutely a hug in words from afar. What a gift....a treasure.

  9. I would indeed love to live down the street from Linda! :) Thanks for sharing the gift she gave to you.