Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back to the Real World

I did finally vacation! We had a marvelous time with my absolutely beautiful, incredibly smart, wonderfully talented grand children! Do I sound just a little bit biased?

They are such sweeties! Joshua is almost 7. We went to the library and I taught him to use the online catalog and find books on the shelves. What fun! David is almost 2 and swims like a fish. Anna is 4 and loves a good story and green popsicles! Joseph is 4 months and just starting to laugh at the antics of his sister and brothers.

On the way home from the NC mountains (after and conference and grandbabies, I needed another vacation), we stopped at the Atlanta airport where the Wisconsin grandbaby and mom had a layover on their way home from a reunion. Aaron is almost 2 and loved running through the airport.

So we managed to see them all in the space of about a week! Good trip.

Now I'm working my way through a giant to do list and trying to get back to normal.

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