Friday, July 24, 2009

Phone Call From an Editor!

I almost didn't answer it.

It's been a long week checking off the completed or half-completed items on my monster to-do list. Washing clothes, finishing a proposal (sent it off this morning), scheduling appointments for the new school year, plowing my way through homework for an upcoming writer's workshop. So mid afternoon, I lay/laid (always have to look that up) down on the couch. I had just slipped into a peaceful doze when my cell phone rang. It wasn't by the sofa. It was out in the office. Did I really want to get up and race out there? I hesitated and then pulled myself out of the comfy spot I'd made between all the pillows and ran after it.

Good thing! It was an editor at a house I sent a proposal to less than a month ago. I wasn't thinking about hearing anything from her for at least 3-6 months. She wanted the files in a Word format so that she could present it to her team in a couple of weeks!

I have a drawer full of rejection notices. I steel myself not to be surprised when I open the self-addressed stamped envelope and find some version of thanks, but no thanks. I did get one last week that said, "Cute, but not what we seek. Good luck elsewhere." If you're a writer, you know that's worth a small celebration!

But a phone call is BIG! And her comment was "It's a good proposal." Yippee!!

Now I just cross my fingers and wait.

And if they say yes, then I have to actually write the rest of the book!