Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's Not Vacation Yet

At least not for me! While my hubby has been wandering the streets of San Diego, figuring out the transportation system, and rummaging through antique stores, I've been listening to publisher presentations on the newest books for fall 2009.

It is a lovely setting. We're on the narrow peninsula that runs between the Pacific Ocean and the San Diego Bay. Flowering succulents line the walks on the hotel grounds, eighteen-inch goldfish stick their gaping mouths out of the water when you approach the stream that separates the multiple hotel structures, baby ducks follow their mamas around the sidewalks, and five parrots flirt with the ladies who leave the lobby. "Hey, baby!" is at the top of the chatter, along with "Here, Kitty Kitty!" and "You're a dweeb, dweeb, dweeb!"

I did get to ride a very bright orange bike along the bay today. It was a nice break from meetings.


  1. Love the parrot pic! Hope it's a vacation SOON.. :)

  2. Yes, soon. These parrots were just a riot. I wished the grand kids were with me to see them.