Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catching Up

Okay, so I've been showing up at my writing desk and writing. But as you can see, I haven't shown up here lately. So grab a cup of coffee and let's catch up.

I have a few deadlines to meet, which always take precedence over platform development and blog posts. I even missed Poetry Friday last week! I have a proposal due in a few weeks for a follow up book with Christian Focus. My first middle-grades devotional book with them is due out in July. I'm excited about that, but we'll talk more about that as the time gets closer.

I have some work for hire books due this month, so I'm working hard right now to get those finished. They are first grade biographies and the challenge is to get enough facts in the books to qualify for an AR level, but to keep the sentence structure and language simple enough that the AR level below a 2.0. Nice challenge.

I finished up the rewrite of my middle grades novel. I've been working with Paula and Bob Morrow to help me get it in shape to send to an editor. They are a great team, if you're looking for an extraordinary critique service.

That elephant is still in the room, but I'm stroking its trunk and trying hard to convince the sweet thing to cooperate with me.

I have some fun family news, too. My oldest daughter graduated from the Aveda Institute in Portland and is now a licensed esthetician. I can't wait for her next visit and my own private facial from my sweet girl.

My younger daughter will be in the Panama City Half Ironman this weekend. We are heading down to watch. I'll be holding my breath, especially while she swims out into the Gulf!


  1. What a busy gal you are, Doraine! Congrats to your daughters. I watched my 16 year old drag himself off the course after completing his first marathon this past February-- it was very emotional for me!

  2. We were down at the gulf last week and watched her first efforts at plunging through the waves--despite the red flag daring anyone to swim. I was never that brave, even when I was young! Did you read the poem about "leaving" on Your Daily Poem this week? Your comment reminded me of it. Yes, the things we endure with these babes we birthed.

  3. So many wonderful things happening in your life. Good for you!!!

  4. Thanks, Gail. I'd love to hear how your WIP is going.