Friday, May 20, 2011

Poetry Friday: Sickle Cell Pain

Yesterday, I listened as a precious young woman took the pain she carried and placed it in hands bigger than hers. Two brothers lost to sickle cell anemia. And now a mother lost to Alzheimer's. I cried with her as she cried. Healing tears saturated with years of grief. It was my privilege to stand beside her on this journey.

I realized that I know almost nothing about sickle cell anemia. I thought it was one of those diseases that someone was finding a cure for. I was wrong.

Today, in honor of my friend and all those who suffer or have lost someone to sickle cell anemia, here is Jasmine Baily's "Sickle Cell."

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  1. What a powerful young voice. I got chills watching that - thank you for sharing.

  2. Yes, she is a remarkable young woman.

  3. Wow that is heartbreaking. She does such a great job speaking that painful poem. Thanks for posting this! I have known students with Sickle Cell and it is no joke.

  4. A beautiful voice indeed, inside and out she is truly amazing. I have been blessed to have known her in her short lived life. R.I.P Jasmine.