Thursday, February 18, 2016


Welcome. Today for Spiritual Journey Thursday we are sharing thoughts about Irene Latham's One Little Word for 2016: Delight. Click here to read her original post about choosing the word.

from Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

Wilbur tagged along at Fern's heels. When she waded into the brook, Wilbur waded in with her. He found the water quite cold - too cold for his liking. So while the children swam and played and splashed water at each other, Wilbur amused himself in the mud along the edge of the brook, where it was warm and moist and delightfully sticky and oozy.

Delight requires me to be present in the moment. It requires me to take a bit of time and decide where I want to be. Maybe the water is a bit too cold for me at the moment. It requires me to my find the wonderful, sticky, oozy joy of wallowing in the all that is best about this moment. 

ankle deep in spring
my toes prod the creek bed
sift cold sand beneath the water's surface
another step sucks my breath into my chest
and I race for sunshine on grass

© Doraine Bennett, 2016



  1. Charlotte's Web is my all time favorite pig story. I love how delight takes being in the moment. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely verse and comment. ;O)

  2. Your poem coupled with the thought of being in the moment is what delight should be. Your message comes at the perfect time for me-deciding where I want to be in this moment. Thanks, Dori.

  3. Hold on to your spring poem for when I start creating the spring gallery...

  4. Oh, I know so well the sucking in of breath with the cold water wading! Delightful!

  5. Charlotte's Web, my favorite! Let's leap together to the grass!

  6. Oh that picture of the pigs! DELIGHT. And your poem. So lovely, and so YOU, Doraine. Thank you for sharing your thoughts... thinking of you, wallowing. xo

  7. Wonderful reminder that delight requires being present in the moment. Great pic of those contented pigs wallowing. Loved the image of that wader racing for sunshine on the grass! Your words are delightful!

  8. Your spring poem's first line sucked me right in, you could say. Love the thought of being "ankle deep in spring"! I sure have enjoyed all the specific examples of delight in the variety of posts on DELIGHT.

  9. Oh, yay!!! I love Charlotte's Web and that picture of delighted pigs!! Your poem is DELIGHTful!! It created the perfect picture of spring - still a little chilly, but full of hope.

  10. "and I race..." delight does that to us; you are so right! race to the object of our delight, and then like the playful pigs you pictured, to revel in the source of our delight. ...Hmmm...In terms of our spiritual journey, delighting as do pigs reminds me of the Parable of the Prodigal Son...As we run toward our delights, it is better to be run toward and embraced by the Father's Merciful Love, I think, than the life-sucking attractions of a sinful world. Wow! When I started writing my comment, I had no idea it would take me to the parable. You've composed in photo, poem, and prose quite a thought-provoking Delightful view. God bless you; thank you!