Thursday, February 4, 2016

Persuaded of Sunrise

Today is Thursday, when I participate with a group of bloggers talking about our Spiritual Journey (Thursday)! This week our focus is Justin Stygles's word, FAITH. While we understand that the essence of faith is confidence in something that we cannot see, I believe God gives us plenty of opportunities to see him in everything around us. I've been going through a lovely devotional book compiled by Sarah Arthur, called Light upon Light. This week I've been stuck on a beautiful prose poem by Walter Wangerin, Jr. Here are some excerpts.

from A Psalm at the Sunrise

...I cannot look steadfastly at the sun and not go blind. Holiness exceeds my sight--

Thou art above all created things. To everything made, thou art the Other. Greater than Thee there is no world...

Lux Mundi!
But in thy mercy thou shinest down upon the things that thou hast made. They brighten in thy light. Every morning they reflect thee. I wake to an effulgence of mirrors, and lo: I see.

For my sake, for my poor fleshly sight, thou changest thy terrible holiness here before me into glory--the visible light...

Deus, incommutabilis virtus, lumen aeternum!
From thee to me it is a might diminution: ever the same, thou makest thy presence manifest in things that are both mutable and common. But from me to thee it is epiphany: gazing at things most common, suddenly I see thy light, thy glory, and thy face.

Deo gratias!
For the sun, when it breaks at the horizon, transfigures everything. And this is a gift to me. For the transfiguration itself persuades my soul of sunrise.

I am persuaded of sunrise! Read more on the OLW at Holly's blog.


  1. I wake to an effulgence of mirrors... makes me think of that word "radiant" in Charlotte's web! Thank you, Doraine. xo

  2. Thank you for sharing the prose excerpts; I especially liked " is epiphany: gazing at things most common, suddenly I see thy light, thy glory, and thy face." Reminds me of the spiritual diary "He and I" and how the Lord loves to surprise us throughout each day with so many gifts of His love, and how much it gladdens His Heart when we recognize Him in the ordinary favors and say, "it is He!"...God bless you, and thank you!

  3. I love the poetry of these words you share. So beautiful and hopeful. I hope you will share about this book too on Literacy Musing Mondays at:

  4. What beautiful lines. This strikes me particularly: "gazing at things most common, suddenly I see thy light, thy glory, and thy face." Isn't that the essence of faith, really--recognizing when He breaks through into the ordinary?

  5. Doraine, the last lines are gifts within themselves. I look to the sunrise and am filled with praise for what I behold.

  6. Such hopeful and joyful words you share! I love how you've equated FAITH with LIGHT.