Friday, June 17, 2016


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Lane Smith is a wonderful illustrator with many recognizable titles. Visit his website and take a look.

There is a Tribe of Kids opens with our body decked in a costume of leaves hugging a kid (the goat kind), but left alone the the tribe of kids climbs a mountain slope too steep for our hero to accompany them. Through the book, we follow our hero on his adventures through the natural world. Perhaps he's looking for his own tribe of kids, but along the way, he struts with "a colony of penguins," flaps his wings with "an unkindness of ravens," and crawls with "a turn of turtles."  

Gorgeous illustrations add layers of delight to this lovely lyrical text. 
This is my favorite spread from Lane Smith's new book There is a Tribe of Kids
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  1. I love this book, Dori, just shared it recently too. I think it's my favorite of all of Lane Smith's books. Glad to see you enjoyed it too!