Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Song

Photo by Neal Simpson

Summer Song
by William Carlos Williams

Wanderer moon 
smiling a 
faintly ironical smile 
at this 
brilliant, dew-moistened 
summer morning,— 
a detached 
sleepily indifferent 
smile, a 
wanderer’s smile,— 
if I should 
buy a shirt 
your color and 
put on a necktie 
where would they carry me?

Hoping this summer day carries you to grand adventures.

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  1. What a perfect poem for today! The NH sky is a soft blue and would make a stunning necktie!

  2. It's curious that the poet wants to wear a shirt the colour of the moon, and a necktie the colour of the sky - which is in contrast to the ratio of colours in reality. But what a vibrant combination they'd be - either way. :)

    I do like the sleepy feel this poem has.

  3. I loved reading this while experiencing a "brilliant, dew-moistened summer morning" myself!

  4. With a wanderer's smile, who knows where they might carry you? Enjoy your adventures this weekend, Dori!

  5. If I had read this earlier, I would have said that our sky today is that brilliant blue, but now the clouds have moved in, looking like rain, but often it does not. And so far, not. Thanks Dori, it is a lovely poem showing the wonderful possibilities of summer.

  6. I love his poetry. It's always a magical journey reading one.

  7. Williams has captured perfectly the magic of the moon hanging around into the day. The colors of the bokeh sections of your photo help to answer the question of wardrobe that the poem ends with. What a perfect poem, and photo for almost-July.

  8. Love that "faintly ironical smile!" I used to see fingernail clippings when the moon was at that phase. I like the smile better!!

  9. ..."a
    wanderer’s smile"

    I would expect nothing different from summer.
    Thanks for sharing,